Madinati Tower

Madinati Tower

The perfection of Madinati Tower rises high into the sky of the capital with its 26 floors to provide a luxurious haven in the heart of Beirut.

Built to yield high-end and premium living accommodations, the tower comprises 78 apartments along with three basements.

Each floor consists of three apartments of 140 sqm, with the last floor being an exception and consisting of only one 140 sqm apartment with a uniquely beautiful 115 sqm terrace.

Property Amenities
Area: 140 sqm.
25 floors with 3 apartments each.
26th floor: 1 apartment of 140 sqm + 1 terrace of 115 sqm.
A dazzling view of the city and the mountain from the 26th floor.
Apartment consists of 3 bedrooms, 1 salon, 1 dining room and 3 bathrooms.
One parking spot per apartment.
Extra parking available.
Three High Speed Elevators.
Electrical power backup at all times

Payment Facilities are available.

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