About Us

"A word from the Chairman"

When Achour Development, our real estate development firm, was founded in Lebanon in 1991, we had one vision in mind – that of building today, with the firm vision of a brighter future for the generations to come.

From the beginning, our focus has always been on quality and uniqueness in all our real estate and infrastructure projects. We began with a small portfolio of just a few buildings across Lebanon. However, through our commitment to excellence, our portfolio began to grow, and Achour Development soon became a full-fledged construction and real estate development company in Lebanon.

Today, we have high-end residential, commercial and industrial projects attributed to our name, and we continue to set our sights on bigger and better projects in the property market.

At present, we are managing a wide array of Lebanese properties and real estate projects, worth over hundreds of millions of dollars. The fast expansion of the firm is due to the team’s commitment to implementing the highest standards, and steadfast reputation of expertise and quality.

Our aim is to persistently set new standards in the Lebanese construction sector, and achieve excellence in all our projects, thus building a brighter tomorrow.

Wissam Ali Achour
Chairman and CEO, Achour Development