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About Achour Development

Achour Development, formerly known as “The Office of Engineer Mohamad Wissam Ali Achour” was founded in 1991 in Beirut, Lebanon. The company soon established a solid reputation in property development, construction, and real estate consulting. Soon afterwards, it started handling various projects across the city and began expanding and diversifying its portfolio by affirming its reliability, potential, and success.

By 1999, Achour Development was managing USD 100 million worth of annual projects, the company completed over 200 real estate and infrastructure projects to date and managed to position itself as one of Lebanon’s largest integrated property developers.

Achour Development brings together a large team of skilled professionals from different disciplines united by one vision. The company’s skill pool consisting of architects, engineers, and business associates, has over 20 years of experience in real estate with focus on building, developing and managing residential, commercial and industrial projects. The team’s ongoing aim is the timely execution of property development projects at the highest standards, consistent with Achour Development’s mission and values.

The company’s success is also fueled by its dedicated research team which continuously monitors and studies the real estate market, identifying prime locations and keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies and relevant knowledge in order to support the company’s growth and advancement. Achour Development’s visionary and CEO, Wissam Ali Achour, continues to steer the firm towards achieving greater levels, guided by the inspiring vision of ‘building today for a brighter tomorrow.’

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